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MENSCHLICH ERFOLGREICH – SUCCESS THE HUMAN WAY - stands for change management and a culture of co-operation where respectful communication, own accountability, appreciation, fulfilment, meaning, trust and openness count and for which at the same time efficiency and clarity are of utmost importance.

I have learnt a lot from Marshall Rosenberg and had the honour of working with him. Non-violent communication (NVC) is the most powerful and deepest approach that I have ever come across. As a former natural scientist, I look at models rather sceptically, however, after 13 years of close examination, I have come to the conclusion that this style of living and its everyday application is simply excellent. This is why I base my work on NVC. I like to use the newest findings in Neurobiology and in Bios-logos (logic of life) to support what I do. Biological togetherness – as strong as in nature.

With new leadership, communication strategies and healthy conflict solutions for you personally, I also offer you the development of future-oriented corporate, school or family culture.

Would you like to develope your team or your company to a vivid and agil

Great Place to be?

We are experts in advising you to create (work-)places where people thrive. 


What do people really need to have confidence, to show their full potential – without anxiety "to be not right" or doing so at the cost of others?
How can you be a leader in and after a transition process of your company or school?

To start such a journey, an inner conviction is necessary: hierachies of instructions and dominance are something of the past and cultures of growth, network, sharing from the heart and co-operation are the future.

Our offer is designed to meet the needs of companies, organisations, clinics, schools and universities as well as of each and every person, who wishes to change something in their professional or private lives and develop themselves further.

For all those who, more and more, see their own needs and the needs of others, and wish to deal with them by approaching disturbances honestly and courageously, and who want to listen in an empathetic manner and, in so doing, create synergies and relationships.

Behavioural and cultural changes take time, demand a new awareness, a new direction of thought and a new way of speaking

We will show you, for example,

  • How to stick up for yourself and address issues concisely in a respectful and appreciative way without blaming or judging others.
  • How to conduct conflict discussions in a clear and appreciative way and point out even negative issues.
  • Where the roots of judgement, criticism and trouble are and why they hinder understanding.
  • How to lead without "power over-strategies" - we will develope "power with"
  • Strategies to put an end to "endless discussions" and start to use your resources more sensibly.
  • How to take things less personally.
  • What empathy really means, how to listen empathically and what then becomes possible.
  • Which "small things" make meetings, conferences and dialogs more streamlined and efficient.
  • How to put more continuity and meaning into the things you do.
  • How to negotiate fairly and sign healthy deals and contracts.
  • How you can carry out job interviews and discussions with employees and business partners which pave the way for a more humanly successful culture with each other.
  • How to pass on information reliability and what structural changes are available to support this.
  • How and when you as an employee, a learner, a boss, a teacher, a parent or a partner can give feedback which allows you to grow and be of benefit as a whole.
  • A professional and efficient conflict and decision culture for groups, companies and organisations.

  • We offer
    A&M soft-skills-consulting: How to deal with conflicts to integrate everybody? Post Meger Integration communication 
  • How the approach of being successful the human way – based on NVC - can bring more empathy and clarity to your performances and speeches.
  • How you can further develop personally in our year's course: Healthy communication - Nonviolent communication/NVC  and future leadership.

We accompany you on your journey to create your

"GREAT PLACE TO BE" a member of the board, a manager, an employee, an entrepreneur, a teacher, a politician, a doctor just as much as a private individual, a partner, a father, a mother or a friend – with pleasure ...almost every day!

"Rosenberg's approach is one of the most powerful instruments that you will ever encounter." William Ury, Co-author of "The Harvard Concept"

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Angela Dietz und Team
certied trainer - CNVC - since 2004

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